David Sommerfeld

David Sommerfeld (Guitar/Bass/Processing) grew up in the Chicago area. His earliest memory with music was the vacuum stored in his childhood home's closet. He considers his guitar a similar type of instrument. He studied Video Production at Southern Illinois University too many years ago. Dave's initial foray into playing music was with Non-Sequitor, an improvisational outfit comprised of a variety of Chicago's noise underground, including the devious Piepenburg brothers. Non-Sequitor performances, of which there were few, were often plagued with some sort of bad technical problem mainly due to the fact that most of the "instruments" where old garage sale or attic finds. This band had a dramatic influence on Dave's processing needs and wants, thanks mainly to the numerous open reel recording decks daisy chained together to get "that perfect delay". It was here that Dave acquired his addiction to processing equipment (if fact, his instrument choice was secondary to the toys). Huge taped documents of all (and I do mean all) Non-Sequitor recordings are available for the patient and twisted, just email the webmaster for details.

Through a growing interest in Chicago's noise scene (if there in fact was one) Dave joined the staff at WZRD-FM (one of Chicago's longest free-form stations). There he met Greg Booth, a hippie stoner-looking tech-head. Greg invited Dave to attempt to learn some songs that he had written under the confusing name Reality Scare. This invitation turned into a long and prosperous musical outing. Their curious assemblage of guitar, synthesizer, sampled noise, vocals, and spoken word resulted in songs that took the listener through every level of the emotional spectrum and rhythms that would keep you there. Reality Scare utilized an organic approach with an unabashed enthusiasm for technology. Their final full release is imminent, though future re-mixes and rarities are in the works as well.

At the present time, Dave has entered into his most challenging musical outing to date: The Argon-Evolution. Joining rhythmatist Scott Morgan, this growing collective is designed to expand and enlighten musical experience. We hope you'll think so too. Currently, Scott and Dave are brainwashing other interested collaborators and have just completed a 3-song demo. Another full-length release (titled Damascus) is already in the can thanks to Scott's pre-Dave diligence.

Make Contact : webmaster@argon-evolution.com